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- Jacque's JonBenet Bombshell! (Band Site) When it comes to insanely fast and belligerent drunk punk, nobody, and I mean nobody, plays it better than Boston's own da’Fingah (da’Finger to those outside of Boston). “Whiskey” kicks off this 10” and instantly grabs your attention and doesn’t let up till the last song on side two, “Puke on U.” In between those two songs, are nine other songs that are fast, catchy, and simply great punk rock. Because of its ballsy attitude, “I’ll Never Run” would be a great national anthem for the country during these patriotic times. Although a great song, “Love Song (For a Dead Child),” is a bit lyrically disturbing and may freak out you sensitive types. “Circus Performance,” which recounts events that happened to KF while trying to cross the Canadian (eh) border, is my favorite song here.  You’ll also find a cool version of The Nervous Eaters “Shit for Brains.” If you were to try and drink as fast as these guys play, you would certainly puke. If you orgasmed this fast while having sex, you would certainly never get laid again, sir speedy.  Not only do I highly recommend this 10” and their past releases, you also must see Kermit’s Finger live. They are just as insane in person. – Denis Sheehan




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