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- Grudge (Poorest Quality Records) It’s been some time since Kermit’s Finger last full length release (there is a 7” in between), but these guys certainly know how to date rape the ol’ saying, “Good things come to those who wait.” And holy crap is this 12” a good thing. I can hear you saying, “12 inch? As in vinyl, Denis? But how will I plug the songs into my ear-pod and or docking station thing?” Fear not, along with the album comes a certificate that’ll allow you to download MP3s. A usual, each of the three members of the band write and sing the songs, and Grudge, I feel, is the tightest I’ve ever heard Kermit’s Finger. While punk bands of today go this way, KF goes that way with a new old school sound riddled with loud yet pointed guitar chords reminiscent of classic Greg Ginn, John Doe, and the like. A quick Ross Clot drum roll opens “Grudge,” which details one’s man’s grudge over a spilled drink; something we all can relate. Pete Pasted angrily sings about flippin’ the double bird in “The Sound of My Two Fingers,” and Evil Ed blasts a tune most parents understand, “PTA Hole.” The chaotic “White Dress” pairs old school guitar with a southern porch fight harmonica-a very cool sound. KF’s cover of Boston Nautical Punkers The Medveds’ “A Stiff Like Me” rings with a hint of ska. You’ll never hear a catchier song about slipping on ice than “Two Feet High and Falling.” The guitar and rhythm section really connect here. ”Too Old Too Young” has almost a serious tone to it (and my love The Block-you’ll understand when you hear), but I do not understand its meaning and plan on asking about it. At the risk of rambling on, I’ve always thought should I ever host a radio show-which may happen yet-my first song would be Penis Fly Trap’s ( Boston version) “Photo of a Dead Man.” Not any more, “Gotta Get Me Some Time” will push it back to the second song, with the utmost respect. The sixteen song album is closed with an updated version of J Giles Band’s “House Party” that’ll have Peter Wolf stage diving. While the world around us is shaky, Kermit’s Finger is punk solid and delivers a record that’ll have you fergittin’ about current instability. – Denis Sheehan

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