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split (Poorest Quality Records/No Front Teeth Records) To review this bad boy, I had to dig deeply into the depths of the closet that runs beneath the stairs, haul out, and hook up my record player while praying it still worked. Lucky for me, it did. Since Kermit’s Finger hails from Boston, I’ll start with these veteran drunk punkers. Cranking out six songs in approx seven minutes, “Take Your Shot” requests someone out there do so at President Bush; sung by Evil Eddie C, he sho’ sounds angry! Only these guys could follow up such an explosive political statement with a song, “Drink Drank Drunk,” about being so shitty and unable to feel your face. This tune has a hook so damn catchy; it just may be punk rock’s best. “Wanna Be” is self explanatory, while someone’s anti Asian personal ad annoyed Ross Clot so much it forced him to turn it into a song, “No Rice.” Evil Ed gets mean again in “Nothing Left Alive,” which frightens me. “Don’t Peddle (On Me) targets high priced punkers who contradict themselves. In an adventuresome, uncharacteristic move, “Don’t Peddle (On Me)” and “”Wanna Be” includes horns and while you may scratch your head at this, it really works! From across the pond come The Disco Lepers, who play punk so fast I honestly checked my record player’s speed setting to make sure it was correct. The speed of the songs makes The Ramones’ “Warthog” sound like The Carpenters. Eight songs in approx seven minutes is the reason why I have absolutely no idea what the lyrics are, but with song titles “Hepatitis Holiday Inn,” Puke on the Youth,” Nazi Pop,” Feces Party,” and “Stab You in the Back” you can only imagine the wonderment! Best thing about these guys is the fast paced music and unintelligible lyrics because I, or you, can make up the lyrics and make all the songs about me. The 7 inch, both sides, is a winner, it is. Hmmm, since there are two sides to a 7 inch, does that make it 14 inches? – Denis Sheehan



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