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KERMIT’S FINGER/ZIPPO RAID 7” split- They’ll Play Anywhere (Fan Attic) Kermit’s Finger: Besides having one of the world’s sexiest drummers (did you see that picture of Ross in Askew Review 7? I just want to grab him by those nipple rings and pull him down on top of me), Kermit’s Finger is one of Boston’s best, and most unappreciated, punk bands. The KF side of this 7” is a fast combination of 5 very cool punk rock tunes. “Los Puercos,” sung by my love Ross, is a catchy song about annoyance with the police. This song should to be heard by everyone who likes punk rock. Pete delivers an angry sounding and hectic “You’re Done Kid.” If Sid Vicious was alive today, he’d be Pogoing his ass off to “I Wanna Go” like no tomorrow. The insanely fast “Anti Social Freak” is aimed at you, you freak. Ed ends things with a “Do It Again” implying that you should listen to this side of the 7” again. Which I did, about 20 times in a row. Unbelievably great punk rock to be heard here. Zippo Raid is a new band to me and I’m not sure how I feel about them. “Punk Skool” is sung by some dude who’s apparently not in the band, but he does an admirable job. “This Time” and “Greg is a Pussy” are both sung by Joe Kelly, who is in the band. The music is straight forward, rocking punk rock, akin to some of the earlier releases by the Agnew brothers. Joe Kelly’s voice is kind of scratchy and flemmy sounding, kind of like Dickey Barrett from The Bosstones. It took a few listens for me to start to like the Zippo tunes, but they have grown on me. Although I’d recommend this 7” based solely on the Kermit’s Finger's songs, you won’t be disappointed by the Zippo Raid tunes either. Eight songs on a 7”? Now that’s punk!- Fiona Skarsgard


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