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- Heroes From the Future (Fearless Records) I would have to say that Junction 18 is pop punk.  But do not fear, I am happy to say that despite all of the Blink 182's, and bands of the sort, that are so very corporate and couldn't play a decent song anymore if they depended on it, that Junction 18 actually puts some meaning back into the injured and shunned pop punk scene.  I gotta say that this band will really get you onto your feet and out the door.  It has a real knack for getting you out of your seat and making you feel good.  I would say that the majority of their songs are about life, girls, and generally teen angst or on the other hand, the better aspects of life.  I do have one dreaded COMPLAINT (shuddering)! Ok, so it's not that bad, my complaint is that the CD only has SIX tracks on it.  ONLY SIX, whoever put this out must surely be trying to make its fans suffer, because six tracks is just four tracks to short.  Despite this, I'd say that Junction 18 is a refreshing listen and definitely worth your time if you like any sort of light hearted punk. –Zach



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