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JUMPSUIT- School/No Statue 7” (Make or Break Records) I like the fact that people actually still put out 7-inch vinyl. My band used to do this during the mid-to-late ‘90s, and it kind of seemed like a bad idea back then, so I guess it’s probably even a worse idea now. Hooray for unthinking, money-wasting recklessness! Before I go any further, I noticed sort of a similar theme running between the back cover of this Jumpsuit release and the back cover of our (“our” being The Medveds) 1997 7-inch EP My Mom Smoked My Stash. Check it out:


Aside from getting a cheap Medveds plug in, this doesn’t really mean a got-dang thing, so I’ll try to give you the actual review you came here for already. These two songs are somewhat quirky (for lack of a more imaginative term), combining angular nerdism with bits of pleasurable, ripping rock and roll, and it almost seems like there’s an identity crisis going on here.  Maybe that’s Jumpsuit’s thingio (and yours, ya free-thinking, Green-voting pothead), but it ain’t really mine. And while this record is admittedly more interesting than a lot of things I get to review, I keep finding myself wishing that it completely rocked rather than slipping in and out of that lovely state of being. –Ben Hunter




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