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- Indeed! (WheelKick) Let me start by confessing that I was once a big fan of the singer/songwriter genre, and especially James Taylor.  I still have a soft spot for much of JT's catalog.  And I still find myself enjoying a lot of acoustic music.  However, everyone has limits.  While Gorey writes some interesting songs, his vocal style is altogether too sincere and he sounds like too much of an over-the-top-sensitive-guy for me to enjoy this record.  The two tracks I liked most (or disliked least) are "The Scarlet Letter", and the hidden 12th track, "The Sidewalk Song".  Both of these benefit from being live recordings of just Gorey (on vocals and acoustic guitar) and Audrey Ryan on violin.  For some reason, he doesn't seem to be trying quite so hard on these live tracks, and they've both got a nice, warm feeling to them.  The rest of the songs are recorded with a full band, and his voice doesn't sound as comfortable.  "The Scarlet Letter" is also notable because it was recorded in April, at the Cask 'n' Flagon, near Fenway Park , and is an ode to the long-suffering nature of Red Sox fans, with the heartening chorus "Hey, hey, hey, I think this is the year".  And indeed it was.  Hallelujah. - Brian Mosher



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