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& TONY SLY- Acoustic (Fat Wreck) If I was an English football hooligan, I’d probably describe this as shitey poofy shite.  But I’m not, so I won’t.  Still, after a couple cursory listens, this shitey poofy shite- sorry, I mean release- seemed like it was something the gods up on Mount Boredom had decided to smite me with for being such a naughty, naughty infidel.  Cape and Sly are the singers for Lagwagon and No Use For A Name, respectively.  This album finds each putting an acoustic spin on five of their bands’ previously recorded songs and then both add another brand new acoustic cut into the mix.  I’d never heard any of these songs in their earlier incarnations (and I’m too lazy to actually make the effort now), so I can’t really compare versions.  The lyrics are generally pretty good throughout (thank fuck- there’s not much worse than a plodding windbag) and some of the melodies started to grow on me a little bit.  Best in show is Joey Cape ’s take of “Violins,” which bounces along gently, sweetly and sincerely.  And this brings me to my final observation: I think these guys should’ve upped the pace on at least a couple of these cuts.  There ain’t no goddamn law that says you HAVE TO play acoustic guitar, piano, banjo, cello and/or accordion slowly; they’re really a helluva lot more fun with a bit more oomph behind ‘em.  –Ben Hunter



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