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JOE BUCK- Joe Buck Yourself (Bucket City) The following is an excerpt from a Tennessee State Mental Hospital at Nashville inter-office memo: Re: Patient A428456 (Joe Buck): At first glance, patient appears to be suffering from paranoid schizophrenia, slight dementia and seems to have serious internal turmoil/rage issues. Subject’s recently released CD, Joe Buck Yourself, is a stripped down, raw, ripping, Angerbilly romp through Mr. Buck’s tormented psyche. In layman’s terms, it’s akin to smoking Jerry Lee Lewis through unfiltered Camels. Patient’s previous physician diagnosed an Oedipal Complex due to Buck’s repeated use of the word “motherfucker,” but I beg to differ. While Joe Buck Yourself does have 45 motherfuckers sprinkled throughout (seriously, I had my admin count them), it’s my opinion that he’s using this word more as a means of descriptive emphasis. And Buck barks this word out so charismatically that I’ve begun unconsciously using it myself. (Some of my other patients are agitated by this. Must try to cut down). Buck’s struggle with paranoia and retribution are displayed all through this disc, “Are You My Enemy?” and “I Want Revenge” being prime examples. “Dig A Hole,” which tears along maniacally in the best Southern hellbilly tradition and is probably the most compelling track here, also seems to be an out and out threat to Buck’s persecutors. “Born To Scare” is another standout track, explicitly detailing his troubled upbringing and self-loathing (“Just like my dog/I’m ugly and I bite”). Combining this element with Buck’s fascination with/blaming of the Devil for a multitude of sins enveloping his life (the Devil is cited no less than 54 times here), gives me a fairly clear idea of how this patient ended up where he is today. My normal recommendation would be to prescribe an extreme series of tranquilizers and 24-hour surveillance in an isolated ward of this hospital, but I’m going to approach this case differently. It’s my opinion that Buck should be given as much whiskey, methamphetamine and cocaine as he cares to ingest. The ass-kickin’ musical output that is likely to result will more than make up for any violence he perpetrates. Motherfucker. –Ben Hunter
*editurds note: the above motherfuking picture is not the motherfucker CD cover, but the press sheet. I couldn't find the motherfucker of the cd cover.

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