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JELLO BIAFRA- Become the Media (Alternative Tentacles) To sum up this approx 210 minute, three cd set; the government is evil, big corporations are evil, the main stream media is evil, democrats are evil, republicans are even more evil, our capitalist society is evil, the Green Party is the only way, and a socialist form of government is the only way. Jello is as left wing as Pat Buchanan is right wing. Knowing that, I do recommend this set, but listen to it with a grain of salt. Jello talks about The WTO meeting in Seattle, different election junk, the Columbine High School massacre backlash, the privacy pitfalls of the Internet, and even spends a lot of time discussing genetically altered food (frankenfood). Jello states his case with very informative stories, facts (according to him at least), statistics, and by sharing other notable experts’ opinions. Jello spends about 35 minutes on the workings of The WTO and other related government policies and groups. Jello describes these various policies as being so evil and brutal, you have to wonder how in the world they exist. “Hellburbia,” my favorite selection, is all about the Columbine shootings and how people finger pointed and placed blame on everything from videos to music to black clothes. There honestly is way too much material to write about and I whole-heartedly suggest this cd set if you’re into social spoken word commentary. I personally agree with about 90% of what Jello complains about, but I disagree with about 90% of his solutions. I really do not think Jello is trying to brainwash or win anyone over to his side with his words, I believe he is just trying to get people to think about and take a second look at what surrounds us. Regardless of your political standing, you should listen to this cd and become familiarized with these hotbed issues so you can better argue/debate your thoughts with others. This cd set is informative, enraging, funny, entertaining, and very thought provoking. – Denis Sheehan


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