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JASON BENNETT AND THE RESISTANCE- Hope Dies Last (Teenage Heart Records) I have met Jason Bennett at a “Punks Are Folks Too” show featuring Tommy Ramone and others (one of which was my guitar player Wyatt Peterson-The Pity Whores). It was the first time I heard anything by him and I was very interested, so you must know I was very happy to see this CD in the stack I recieved last week in the mail. I really like Jason’s harsh street punk vocals. Off this five track EP, I really enjoyed “Hope Dies Last” and “Edge of the World.” This is a very good CD to crank in the car. I do feel that all the socio-political stuff gets preachy and tedious after a while, but a lot of people seem to like that now-a-days. Overall  I give it a 7 out of 10. -Dave Blais

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