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- Plastic Jesus (BYO Records) What do you get when you combine Madonna, the Backstreet Boys, a founding member of Bad Religion, and a whole lot of hardcore country punk? Why, Jackass, of course! I know, that might scare some people away, but if you take the time to listen to this ingenious band, you will be most impressed. There is ONE exception to this record, which of course would be “I Want It That Way”. Originally done by the Backstreet Boys, Jackass does make a valiant effort in covering this tune, but I don’t think there is anyone out there that could make this song sound good. Their Madonna cover, however, was truly enjoyable, taking the song “Music” steps further than Madonna ever could. But covers aside, Jackass’s original works are a true throwback to the bad boys of country (Jennings, Haggard, Cash) mixed with a new-aged punk sound that can only be described as fantastic. This band is worth your time and money, so do yourself a favour, and check ‘em out.- Bryana Robinson



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