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HOWARD ZINN- Stories Hollywood Never Tells (Alternative Tentacles) Recorded April 17, 1999. As the cd’s title indicates, Howard reveals a bunch of true life events and people that he would like to see made into main stream movies instead of the “established” teachings of history. Mr. Zinn doesn’t really go into in-depth detail on the events he’d like to see, instead he shoots for quantity and gives brief details of many different events and people. Mr. Zinn speaks of many union strikes, marches, and sit ins that he finds interesting enough for the screen. Lots of pro-union stuff.  He also briefly talks about Shay’s Rebellion (which happened right here in Massachusetts) and wonders why we have yet to see a movie on this anti-tax event. I must agree with Mr. Zinn on this one to be honest, this would be a great movie. Other notable things he wants to see; the horrors inflicted upon Indians thanks to Christopher Columbus, St. Patricio’s Battalion, the US Irish immigrant troop that fought for Mexico during the Mexican-American War of 1846-1848 because they were horrified by the acts of American troops (MGM has since released the rather weak “One Man’s Hero”), a bio-pic about how much of an anti-war activist and socialist Helen Keller was, and a number of war atrocities that never make it to the screen over the movies that seemingly glorifies war. Mr. Zinn really doesn’t offer much information or insight on this cd, but he does wet the pallet, which left me hungry for more details on a number of events that I’ll be researching on my own. In short, Mr. Zinn wants to see more movies like the stuff Michael Moore produces (Roger and Me, The Big One). Although not all that informative, this cd will surly kick start your brain and possibly interest you enough to further look into some of the events/persons Mr. Zinn speaks off.- Denis Sheehan


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