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HAWTHORNE HEIGHTS- If Only You Were Lonely (Victory Records).  I recently went to Vegas on vacation. While there Hawthorne Heights was playing, and I said to myself 'Self; too bad you don't like Hawthorne Heights or I could go see them.'  Well I just received Hawthorne Heights newest CD entitled 'If Only You Were Lonely', and I have got to admit that I have not changed my mind about this band.  The production on this CD is great, the artwork is great, and they sound like a capable band, I just can’t get into them. There is just something about a band that plays hard, angry music, but is comprised entirely of pansies.  What ever happened to the tough-looking guys in the bands that played tough music?  So I decided to listen to this and set my preconceptions aside. The band is from my home state of Ohio , so I had a little pride with that.  But I found the whiney, nasally vocals (just like every band I hear on college radio right now) too annoying. I actually do like the beginning of some of their songs, but every single one does something that turns me away. Be it effects on the singer’s voice, the songs being way too long, or just ripping off a ton of cheesy-metal licks.  Every song has some lame to it. Whatever you want to call it; emo, screamo, punk, etc., it just sounds like a little kid throwing a tantrum in the grocery store.  –Marie Andy

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