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THE HATEPINKS- Plastic Bag Ambitions (TKO Records) Proclaiming that these Frenchmen really fuckin’ rock sort of feels like saying something along the lines of, “Those Japanese guys are really well hung.”  It’s just not something that naturally comes to mind, but in this case, it’s absolutely true (the part about the rockin’ Frenchies, that is- I don’t actually know of any long dongs from Japan).  Plastic Bag Ambitions features 13 nasty, snotty garage punk tracks that clock in at a combined 16+ minutes (12 are actually songs- the last cut, “Motherfuquer!” is an entertaining few seconds of a French guy playing around with Samuel L. Jackson’s favorite word).  These fuquers don’t fuck about, and I really do like that.  “Girl Migraine” is venomous, aggressive fun and it’s an excellent way to spend 38 seconds.  “We Are The Fucks” is as relentless a self-pronouncement as can be.  And “I Am A Divorce” is a look at family dysfunction that’s as catchy as it is brash.  In fact, there’s not a dud in the bunch here.  And if you’re still considering not giving the HATEPINKS a chance based solely on their nationality, I hope you choke on your goddamn freedom fries, motherfuquer! –Ben Hunter



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