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- Same Meat, Different Gravy (TKO Records) The only problem I have with this disc is how it makes me want to gleefully and repeatedly say “cunt” after every listen.  It can be in the traditional, belligerent sense (muttering “facking cunt” at someone who cuts me off in traffic) or more of an everyday, casual thing (noticing a well-dressed co-worker and thinking, “There’s a stylish cunt”).  That’s it- the rest is all good.  Hard Skin is decidedly not for everyone, but if you love great Oi and appreciate a band that pointedly doesn’t take itself too seriously, this is for you.  Bassist Fat Bob sums the band up best when he says, “Hard Skin is about having a laugh and having a say.  So stop thinking and start drinking…” One of my favorites on Same Meat, Different Gravy is probably the most over the top track on the whole disc, “Make My Tea.”  It’s a charming little ditty that melodically illustrates the old adage that the way to a skinhead’s heart is through his stomach.  Though I could be dead wrong here, I think “The Boys in Blue” is some sort of merry football hooligan sing-a-long.  At any rate, I’m going to try to get a refrain of this song’s chorus going in the stands of the next little league baseball game I go to.  Don’t you think encouraging the kids to boisterously yell “We get loaded every night, and all you cunts are soft as shite” will get all in attendance into the right spirit?  Another good one is “Millwall Mark,” an aggressive and instantly likeable song about a skinhead who goes to jail for someone else’s misdeed. I guarantee you’ll be unable to stop yourself from lustily singing along with it’s looping ending of “the fuckin’ cunt who committed the crime!”  Hard Skin perfectly walks the line between glorifying and satirizing the British Oi scene.  And because they write such great, shout along music, it’s hard not to love these cunts. –Ben Hunter



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