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(Failed Experiment Records) Bad news first: this EP sounds like it was recorded in a cave. And now for the good news: despite the obviously cheap recording, this band is really good. The Groodies are an all-girl punk band from Chicago who are actually still underage…and by punk band, I do not mean the pop-driven broken-hearted punk of today, but rather the explosive and pounding music reminiscent of some of the original punk from the 70s and 80s. As this genre is pretty much male-dominated, it is rather shocking to hear a girl screeching into the microphone in way you thought only Johnny Rotten could. However, after the initial shock the sound is truly refreshing. This band is admirable because not only is it fronted by a girl, it is backed by three others, unlike female-fronted bands The Distillers or No Doubt who are not really making any kind of impact on the music industry in terms of gender. This EP contains seven songs that all sort of sound the same, but the band is so energetic that it is easy to overlook that. The Groodies certainly seem to have what it takes to make it in this genre, although it might make it easier if they were old enough to tour. –Emily Zemler


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