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GOTOHELLS- Rock N’ Roll America (Vagrant) After listening to this cd, I have discovered two things; the reason why Florida voters screwed up so much during the 2000 election is because they were all too busy listening to this Florida band, and GoToHells is the country’s mightiest rock-n-roll band! These guys mix in your face rock, a touch of punk attitude and energy, and even a hint of home fired southern soul for a sound worthy of speaker damage via high volume. The title track, “Rock N’ Roll America,” sets the stage for the rest of the disc with it’s intense guitars and bad to the bone vocals. The chord changes in “Out of Sight, Out of Mind” makes me want to pick up my guitar and actually learn how to play it! And I dare you to sit still while listening to the infectious “She’s Got It.”  Nevermind the fact that there isn’t a bad song on this disc, there isn’t a bad second! Although 2001 is still young, this is the best disc I’ve heard this year and I’ve heard a lot of ‘em. GoToHells are the true Patriots of American Rock! – Denis Sheehan


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