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- Songs Me Da Got Pissed To Vol. 1 (Site) The Gobshites are known far and wide for their Gobshiting of punk rock songs: taking punk tunes and converting the sound into Irish sounding drinking songs. With Songs Me Da Got Pissed To, The Gobshites bang out twenty-one (not including the hidden track-shhhh) traditional Irish tunes that’ll make every day St. Patrick’s Day. Many of the standards are covered; “Wild Rover,” “Whiskey in the Jar,” “Fields of Athenry,” “The Moonshiner,” “Dirty Old Town .” etc. However, there are a few not so well known (at least to me): opening instrumental “ Anderson ’s Reel,” the riveting “Scar of the County Down ,” and hilarious “Seven Drunken Nights.” The latter includes great dueling female/male lead vocals. Now, though the songs are covers and true to their beloved form, The Gobshites kick a little Gobshites into each and every song making them just ‘Shitey enough to let you know who’s playing. You’ve got the tin whistle, the fiddle, the banjo, and the bodhran, all of which will have you craving a pint and maybe even forcing you up to do some stepping. Hell, if “Swallowtail Jig” fails to at least get your feet and legs moving-even if you’re sitting- then you’re obviously dead. Sláinte, Gobshites. Sláinte. –Denis Sheehan


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