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- Get Bombed (Site) Perfectly titled, the Gobshites have taken two genres of music known for forcing people to drink (screw responsibility): Irish/Celtic pub music and Punk Rock. Covering punk rock “acousticelticcore” style, The Gobshites have crafted songs in a way you never imagined they would, or could, ever be played. The gang vocals in “I Only Drink Stout” (The Queers' "I Only Drink Bud") will have you aching for a Guinness, while Gang Green’s “Alcohol” will push you over the edge reminiscing of Boston ’s 80’s punk heyday. Ryan Boucher’s manic mandolin ushers in Social Distortion’s “Telling Them,” which is probably the best composed song on the disc, but Pete Depressed slows his vocals down a bit for Screeching Weasel’s “Crying in My Beer.” Two Ramones’ songs are covered: “Questioningly” and “Long Way Back,” with the latter having “ Germany ” replaced with “ Ireland .” Accordion player Stephen Feeney and Pret Woodburn on banjo shine in “Too Drunk to Fuck,” which oddly proceeds the theme park song “Pirate’s Life for Me.” Throughout the cd, drummer Chuck Allen and bassist Rob O’Neill nicely hump the music’s difficult rhythm section, while Betty Widerski nicely wraps it all together with her magnificent fiddle. Of the 13 songs, “It’s Friday” is the only original and its lyrics speak for, I’d guess, 99% of Askew Reviews readers. I can honestly write that this CD is the CD heard coming from my house at midnight every Friday night. As great a CD Get Bombed is, you must see The Gobshites live to fully appreciate their music. This is a good one! – Denis Sheehan

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