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GOBSHITES- Another Round (Site) The northeast’s favorite clan o’Gobshites are back with another round of acousticelticorized covers blistering with traditional Irish stout. Opening and closing (well, not including the multi-second “Outro” and a hidden gem) with Stiff Little Fingers’ “Roaring Boys (Part 1 and 2), The Gobshites wedge in another ten covers not including the multi second “Outro” and hidden gem I wrote of earlier in this amazingly structured sentence. “Down But Not Out,” written by former Gobshite bassist and current front man for Boston ’s The Pug Uglies, deals with the ups and downs of life and leads wonderfully into The Crybabies’ “Pubcrawling.” Another Boston favorite, Darkbuster, is covered with the banjo plucking (Pret Woodburn) “Liquor.” Fiddle player Betty Widerski and Boston ’s answer to Flogging Molly’s Matt Hensley on accordion Stephan Feeney conspire nicely on The Damned’s “Drinking About My Baby.” Your clogged veins and arteries will surly flow with The Sex Pistols’ sea chantey “Friggin’ in the Riggin’” and slow a bit to the weepy sounding “Here’s Comes a Regular,” originally by The Replacements. A cover CD just wouldn’t be complete without a Ramones cover and here it’s “Somebody Put Something in My Drink.” Hey, where ever lead singer/guitarist Peter Walsh goes, something Ramones will follow. Hidden is the great Kermit’s Finger (another Boston band) Christmas song “Sorry Mom, I Spent Your Christmas Present Money on Beer.” Oh my Gawd, this is so weird. “Sorry Mom…” is by Kermit’s Finger and sung by Evil Eddie C. (awesome guy), who once hosted a massive party at his house in which Darkbuster played and performed “Liquor” and good friend Larry Ramona (bassist for the now defunct Medveds) yelled in the background, “Everybody!” for the song’s sing along chorus. On a funny note, I have a recording of this show and Lenny (Darkbuster’s singer) proclaimed, “This is the largest show we’ve ever played in front of a washer and drier!” Hmm, oddly, whenever I listen to any of my three Gobshites cds, I always find myself thumbing my fingers on the table and feet on the floor to drummer Chuck Allen’s and bassist Rob O’Neill’s rousing rhythm pounding, but I have not a jiving bone (uh uh uh uh uh, I wrote “bone”) in my body and if they ever saw me butcher their beats, they’d certainly give me a wedgie I wouldn’t soon forget. Get the CD, see ‘em live, and if you see yours truly there, buy him a Harpoon IPA for this stunningly on topic review. – Denis Sheehan

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