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- Flying (House Cat Records) Hailing from San Francisco, musical threesome Go Kart Go has just unleashed ‘Flying.’  This twelve-song disc is the third release for the band following 2002’s ‘The Ninth Floor,’ and their 1999 debut release 'Run For Tin.'  ‘Flying’ is an explosion of fresh tunes that fit into the ‘fun’ side of the alternative genre.  Eric Anderson carries out both his guitar and vocal duties with a raw exuberance.  Backing up Anderson, is Pete Krawiec on drums and vocals, and Chris Hanson, whose deviant bass riffs add to these songs giving them a distinctive sound. Highlights of this disc are the title cut, ‘Flying…is better than these walls,’ and the more melodic ‘Try to Try.’  The rest of the disc has a lot of blithesomely, catchy tunes, any of which I can see getting radio play.  However, a lot of these songs, though guaranteed toe-tappers, sound very similar to one another.  All in all, a good-time listen even despite the angst themes, but a little aural variety would make ‘Flying’ even better. -Melanie Falina



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