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- Never Bet the Devil Your Head (Thick Records)  If Boston has the Dropkick Murphys and San Francisco has The Swingin’ Utters, what the hell does Cleveland have? One BIG ass kickin’!  The GC5 is like either of these two giants, without the Irish  or the folky-westernness. Just a real punk band playin’ real punk the way real punk was supposed to sound before NOFX started throwin’ their hotdogs down a hallway.  If you really need a niche to place these guys into, like the Irish or folky-western thing, then strait up rock would be the answer. Great guitar solos and crowd shoutin’ vocals that not only make you want to take the world on, but give it the finger and a kick in the balls, and hard! “Recorded in our own fucking basement”, direct quote from the cd insert, “Never Bet the Devil Your Head,” is their 4th release with one other full length; “Kisses from Hanoi,” an ep; “Horseshoes and Hand Grenades,” and a singles collection, just like the Murphys, all of which I am mail ordering NOW (so should you).  Some Murphy-lized help was provided by Ryan Foltz, producing, engineering, mixing (with GC5), organ and mandolin on a couple of the more tender ballad like tracks.  Only two of those, the rest of the disk is a big, no holds barred  riot! Go find this NOW! NOW damn it! –David Morgan.


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