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FRIGATE- Blow Me Down (Spinning Records) OK, I am not going to get into the adjective thing to describe this new punk rock rooted cd because I do not wish to bog you down with mindless clutter. If I did, it would only cheapen things. This cd is jam packed with 11 fast, three-chord punk tunes with alternating male/female vocals. Linda Bean, who also plays bass, provides the intense, snotty, and hard hitting sexy (in a punk rock way) female vocals. Although I firmly believe that Linda could carry this band, Tim Gillis does more than hold his own adding his garage punk vocals and guitar, albeit in an unsexy manner (phew for me huh?). Adding a ton of attitude to the punk sound is the crunching sound of ex-Slapshot guitarist Chris Lauria. Frigate beautifully spews forth some constantly fast punk rock littered with infectious hooks and mind dominating melodies. “My Baby Lied,” sung by Gillis, is simply great. No two ways about it. In fact, Frigate is worthy of many accolades and should never be forced to eat hamburgers off of greasy paper plates again. One bitch, the appropriately named “Ballad” kind of slows the disc down and seems a bit out of place. I’m guessing they were trying to show a little diversity with their music. Listen up! This disc is cool. Linda Bean, who’s been in other bands, continues to floor me. Speaking of floor, I wish Linda would floor, as in deck, Bif Naked. Girl fights are cool. Wait a minute, I did do the adjective and clutter thing and didn’t cheapen anything. That speaks volumes. Stand out disc over here people of Earth! - Denis Sheehan


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