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- Sans Souci (Fat Wreck) Ah, yes, these Aussie cunts are back and- thank fuck- still snotty as all get out.  Before I even popped this sucka into my CD player I was already chomping at the bit to hear what looked to be some funny got-dang stuff.  (Titles that really peaked my juvenile interest were “World’s Fuckedest Cunt,” “Stand Up & Be Cunted” and “I Went Out With A Hippy & Now I Love Everyone Except For Her.”).  Exploring such diverse subjects as Russell Crowe’s band (“a fucking pile of shit”), cooking with testicles, and girls who only want you because you have drugs, they are lyrically at the top of their game.  I really can’t think of many bands that can be this crude AND this clever.  It’s a tough call, but my favorite song on Sans Souci is probably “60, Beautiful & Mine.”  It’s blistering and it’s catchy, and it’s all about the joys of lusting after a senior citizen.  Sample lyrics: “And now she knows it’s time to find someone to spend the rest of her days/before the grim reaper comes and lays her to waste…And I know Alzheimer’s is a goddamn shame/but I still think it’s cute when she forgets her name.”  There’s also lots of hilarious little spoken word gems between songs, and that’s always a bonus.  My only slight complaint here is that while I’d give the lyrics an “A,” the music comes through as kind of a “B.”  Yeah, it’s energetic and decent enough, but there just aren’t as many standout moments of pure joyful hookiness that I was hoping for.  Still, you get 16 songs here, and most of ‘em are a cut above the artery-clogging kay-rap heard all too often these days.  Cunts. –Ben Hunter



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