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- Control Me (BYO Records) Control Me is absolutely dripping with street punk attitude.  I get the feeling that if I even look at this disc the wrong way Iím gonna get a swift boot in the chops.  Before I go any further, Iíd like to point out that I definitely donít think these guys suck.  That said, after 4 listens all the way through, most of the songs just arenít sticking with me after I hear them (though I admit the discís closing cut, ďOur Response,Ē is a solid one).  It seems like The Forgottenís main desire is to be perceived as authentic street punks, and while I donít doubt that they are the real deal as such, I think the quality and originality of the songs on this CD suffer as almost an afterthought to this attitude.  ĖBen Hunter




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