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FORGET CASSETTES – Salt (Site) There’s always those CD’s that as soon as you get them, they never leave your CD player, and no matter the mood you happen to be in, that one disc is just so damned fitting. Well, that is what Forget Cassettes has been to me these last couple of weeks. As soon as you press play, you are hit with an instrumental build-up that leads into a melodic, very vocally driven number. And really, as good as the first song is, it’s all uphill from there with this band. Vocalist Beth Cameron carries this CD with such a gentle power that breaks out with each note she sings. With a slight familiarity of such vocalists as Emily Haines and Karen O, Cameron sings with a raw emotion as the music itself makes its transitions from fast to mellow, soft to hard, and back again. The band as a whole seems to work quite well together. Beautiful melodies and instrumentation that seems to complete the record, the entire disc flows from one song to the next, making for something that you can listen to time and time again. Really, I could go on and on about how impressed I am with this band, but the point is, it IS good. So check it out. Now. - Bryana Robinson



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