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Note: this review was written by "Mean" Russell Taff before his tragic and sudden death.

(ECA Records) In the mighty name of Jesus, thank God. After wading through all this punk rockin’ crap for far too long, I’ve finally come across a band that I’d be proud to manage.  Foam ‘N Mesh are pure double-barreled country rock, and they’ve been able to put to music things a man like me can really relate to.  Now I’m not exactly sure what the song titles are (the CD showed up with no sleeve, but who needs track listings?  Track listings are for pussies), but it’s my guess that the ass-kickin’ first cut is called “Mustache Rides Are Free.”  Just plain makes me hungry, if you know what I mean.  The next one is a catchy little number that revolves around the repeated phrase, “I’m gonna finger you until my mom comes home.”  Having lived in my own ma’s trailer until I was 32 years old, I really took this to heart.  I also found myself endeared to the sensuous female backing vocals demanding “You’re gonna finger me!” and the good memories this ‘un brought back gave me a lump in my big ol’ throat. The third song is probably called “Choad.”  It chugs along goodstyle about the area between a man’s balls and his cornhole.  I always thought of it as the taint, but it’s nice to now be able to expand my vocabulary a little bit.  And as the song suggested, I grabbed a mirror, took off my jeans and took a nice gander at my own choad.  Absolutely fascinating.  The disc ends with edited versions of the first 2 songs, but I guarantee that if I was their manager, they wouldn’t need no stinkin’ edits to get this fine music on the radio. –“Mean” Russell Taff



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