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FLESHIES- Scrape the Walls (Alternative Tentacles Records) Ever started fucking somebody and things just felt out of synch? And then you get your rhythm and it ends up being a helluva lotta fun? Scrape the Walls sort of feels like the audio version of this scenario. The song titles looked interesting (especially “The Disadvantages of a High-Fiber Diet” and “Agnostic Tooth”), so I can equate this with the attraction that gets you into bed with someone in the first place. But on my initial listen, nothing really jumped out at me. Then a few weeks later I gave it another shot. This time things started to click. Disc opener “Brown Viking” tears along smoothly and solidly, much in the way that hitting your groove while starting in the good old fashioned missionary position can kick things off nicely in the aforementioned fuck situation. The tough, pounding “Gay Holiday” marks a nice transition to a frenzied and pleasurable bit of doggie style (maybe even with a little reach around action). Then their tantalizing cover of Sparks’ “Happy Hunting Ground,” with a great guest vocal by Jello Biafra, is thrilling and somewhat unusual, so maybe this could be likened to moving on to something enjoyable but a little trickier, like the Squirrel, let’s say. And my favorite track on Scrape the Walls, the melodic, sweetly satisfying “Runners Legs,” ends this session with a bit of girl on top (or perhaps some face to face action in a chair) and a lovely climax together. Anybody got a cigarette? –Ben Hunter  



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