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- An Invitation to an Accident (Farway Records) This CD is the new generation of punk.  The new trend seems to be a quest to prove who is suffering the most and who is the most miserable.  Filmmaker does a good job of showing their inner turmoil on this disc, An Invitation to an Accident, where they are morbidly depressing.  The first song, “Breathing Room,” is the most upbeat on the album, with the classic punk sound, while the defying lyrics tell a tale of a fraying relationship.  The remaining tracks are similar, touching upon topics like suicide, turning into our parents as we grow older, loneliness, and the like, but set to more melancholy music.  The disc features some clever lyrics, like “I need to turn you into a sweater so I can wear you around all day,” from “Air Tight,” but it can be creepy if you find yourself starting to see them as witty, because then you can relate to these depressing tunes.  They don’t rely heavily on profanity, so this is probably a good choice for the more tormented youth of today without all of the swearing.  This is a good album to put in if you’re feeling down, or if you want to instantly start to feel down. – Christina Quartuccio



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