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FELLOW PROJECT- Where’s The Wire? (Make or Break Records) What kinda goddamn fools put out a 10” record in this day and age?  The same kinda goddamn fools who don’t give a fuck about what they’re supposed to do, opting instead to take a path of their own choosing.  I admire that, and I admire Fellow Project.  I’m sure every half-baked hack who’s listened to this would probably describe Where’s The Wire? this way (and since I fall into this realm, I’ll unapologetically say it anyhow), but these guys sound like a Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup meeting between Lou Reed and an unplugged version of the Pixies.  Lyrically, Fellow Project is sharp and clever and painfully self-conscious.  “Doom?” kicks off side one by saying, “Some singers are assholes and really good actors who really mean what they say…I may be guilty but I do believe there is something inside me.”  The album’s closing track, “Where’s The Wire?” (and don’t these guys use a helluva lot of question marks?) contains what’s probably my favorite line of the entire release: “Yeah I stick to myself, though I may be hanging out with the wrong crowd.”  They even have a song called “Vamanos,” which I suspect may be a dig at their obvious Pixies influence. (And just in case you didn’t realize it, the Pixies’ “Vamos”- in both its forms- is absolutely one [or two, I guess] of the best songs released in the late ‘80s).  Musically, Fellow Project has a smoothness and high bopability factor that’ll suck you right into their horse race-loving maws.  Kick your goddamn parakeet off your turntable and check this out already. –Ben Hunter

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