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FED UP!- Fuck Your Life (United Riot Records) Dear Producers of Lock-up: I very much enjoy your comprehensive look at life behind bars in some of our nation’s most notorious prisons. You put out a fascinating show each week, but I bet it would be even better if you’d add a hardcore soundtrack to some of your footage. And I can’t think of a more appropriate band to use than Fed Up! So maybe the next time you focus on the chaotic society within the walls of San Quentin, you could start by playing “Aimless Youth”- a thumping punch in the face about violent kids on the street who’ve turned to a life of crime- as you show the new fish being bussed in. And then as one of your featured cons meets his scary new cellmate, you could play the ripping, shout-along worthy “Butt-man” (“I’m a Butt-man- I’m after you/I’m a Butt-man- Shake that culo”). Then during the show’s first bit of aggravation on the yard, you could play the intensely pounding “Back The Fuck Up” as members of Nuestra Familia square up against the Aryan Brotherhood. And the manic “Tattoos” is an obvious choice for a quick montage of inmates after a commercial break, just before the narrative picks up again. Then you could play the ultra-angry, vicious “Elimination” as background to somebody getting shanked (“Fucked with the wrong one/Now you’re in pain/Found someone stupid to unleash my hate/Lying on the floor wishing for death/Walk away- just released my stress”). Anyhow, it’s a thought. –Ben Hunter




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