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THE EYELINERS- Sealed with a Kiss (Lookout) This awesome female pop-punk band absolutely blew me away with their last release “Here Comes Trouble,” and with this latest, they continue to blow me away. Very few bands do that to me. The music is the purest form of catchy, hook laden, 1950ish pop punk with just enough “umph” to give it a nice edge. You know, I could go on about certain songs here, but I really couldn’t pick out a favorite because every song is a good one. Oh ok, if you had a gun to my head, I’d say “I Could Never Hate You” could be a favorite. That’s another odd thing, I can always find something negative to say about any and every thing. Not this cd. Yep, that’s Ben Weasel offering vocals for “It Could Have Been You.” Fans of The Donnas (Donna C come to me..) will love The Eyeliners. Hell, who wouldn’t like this band? Great stuff. – Denis Sheehan


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