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- Stop The Future (Fat Wreck Chords) I really didn't like New Wave very much back when it was really new.  But this is the second record I've heard in the last couple of years that has made me want to change my mind about this particular sound.  The other one was The Clones, on Dirtnap Records.  The Clones and The Epoxies are both from the same general geographic area, so maybe there's something going on up in the Great Northwest that we should know about.  In any event, this is some very danceable, very bouncy, very fun New Wave craziness.  I was listening to in on my walkman while riding the MBTA this afternoon, and I had a sudden urge to just start jumping up and down and dancing in between the other passengers.  I resisted, but it wasn't easy.  And I hate to dance.  The songs are mostly about how television is being used to control all our minds, and other high-tech paranoia type stuff as that, but the lyrics don't really matter one bit.  One of the things that make The Epoxies more interesting than old New Wave is that the drums sound like real drums, not synthesized or electronic.  Also, the guitar playing is more ferocious and exciting than most old New Wave.  But that stuff doesn't really matter either.  Just put it on, turn it up, and jump around.  You'll be glad you did.- Brian Mosher



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