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- Seize The Day (Lookout) All that’s wrong with this piece of shit can be found on the little press sheet that accompanied this, ah, piece of shit to the offices of Askew Reviews.  You get a bland description of the band, a stereotypically stupid picture of them and a complete list of “Sales Points,” which includes all the ways Lookout! plans to market this piece of shit.  Okay, I admit I’ve heard worse, but the fact that this, ah, piece of shit is being presented to me the way it is reinforces all that is wrong with music in general- and punk rock in particular- today.   This blasphemous piece of paper describes the Enemies as having a “refreshing original sound, gaining in ingenuity and intensity” (whatever the fuck that means).  If this boring piece of shit is considered original, then I suppose we’re all fucked. –Ben Hunter


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