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- Burn Bright, Burn Fast (TKO Records) This is definitely not music to make love to (or, if you’re alone, masturbate to), unless maybe you’re screwing- or whacking off about- a corpse and you’re trying to get your blood flowing.  That’s the first thought that popped into my mind after listening to Burn Bright, Burn Fast, Electric Frankenstein’s 13th album in 13 years.  No less impressive is the fact that they’ve also released 13 EPs, 13 split singles and 13 (x2) regular singles over this time period.  The songs on this disc can be relentless and powerful and rippingly guitar-driven as all get out.  The opener, also the title track, is the cream of this hard rockin’ crop and it’ll knock your goddamn teeth out.  They’ve also got some cool song titles (“Hey [Kiss Your Life Goodbye]” being my favorite of the bunch) and these guys put their distinctive stamp on some worthy covers, including The Cars’ “Candy O” and the old Nuggets-era classic, “Talk , Talk,” originally by Music Machine.  By rights I should love the fuck out of this release, but, I hate to say, overall this disc just don’t hit my musical g-spot (I can have one of those, right?). Sure, I can picture your average cadaver being okay with Electric Frankenstein banging them if they wanted to, but I imagine it would be more of a respect-driven mercy fuck than any serious post-mortem lust going on.  And while this may not totally be my cuppa, I still think it could very well be for you, ya dirty necrophiliac. –Ben Hunter



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