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- Live at the Knights of Pythias (Site) Hello, folks.  This here 2-CD package highlights local legend Ed “Moose” Savage’s riproarin’ 50th birthday bash, and it’s fun as all get out.  Ed got together with incarnations of his former bands Moose and the Mudbugs and Siamese Triplets for the occasion, and as I can attest firsthand, it was a helluva time. (I think I can even hear myself unabashedly shouting and carryin’ on in the background after a couple numbers during the Mudbugs set.)  I’m going to come clean here and now, ya nosy saps, and tell you that I’m one biased fucker when it comes to Ed’s performances.  That said, this night was really classic Ed, yet ratcheted up several glorious notches.  Every time I’ve seen him play (and this includes his 2-man minimalist-yet-hilarious combo Ed “Moose” Savage and His Litany of Complaints), when you look around the room the dominating expression across most faces is a big ole grin.  He’s just a lot of fun to watch and listen to.
     Okay, I’ve somehow gone a whole paragraph without actually telling you what these discs sound like.  Bully for me.  Both the Moose and the Mudbugs and Siamese Triplets discs, which are each nearly an hour long, are quite simply great classic garage rock corkers.  Ed belts out his old favorites (“Vinyl Siding,” “Crawfish With A Vengeance,” “The Roach Under The Pillow,” etc…) with some great covers (“St. James Infirmary” and “Gloria” to name two).  It’s hard to describe his voice so I’m not actually going to try, but it’s uniquely, well, Ed.  He also plays one mean kazoo, and this really adds yet another cool dimension to this whole extravaganza.  To top it all off, both sets were fantastically recorded.  This live production work is even crisper than quite a few local studio releases I’ve heard.  Bottom line here is that if you know and love Ed, you have to get Live at the Knights of Pythias.  And if you’ve never heard him before, pick this one up (and also get yerself a copy of his ‘Litany of Complaints CD Is This Any Way To Be?).  It’ll turn that sourpuss frown of yours right the hell upside down. –Ben Hunter



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