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(Wonderdrug Records) Ok, I kind of blew it with this cd. I listened to it about eight weeks ago, never wrote the review, then my friend accidentally sat on this cd and broke it in to three pieces. Therefore, I am reviewing this disc based solely on my memory. The twelve cuts on this disc toggle between spoken word and music. Duncan performs both the word and lead vocals for the music.  The music is basically metal and is a bit too hard sounding for my taste. On the other hand, the spoken word is dead on funny, entertaining, and I had a blast listening to it while stuck in one bad traffic jam. As I recall, Duncan hilariously speaks about heavy metal, heavy metal fans, playing at metal fests, and his dealings with a few major assholes. Truly funny stuff. The cd also includes a six plus minute video (I actually made note of this on the cd you can watch on your computer and another thing I couldn’t launch. You can take or leave the music, but the spoken stuff is great. Spoken word fans will dig Duncan’s, ummm, spoken word. Word up to your mutha’. Sorry, that nonsense just came to mind. – Denis Sheehan

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