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DUMPSTER JUNKIES (BHB Records) Holy Gutter Punk Batman! After listening to this 11 song, 19 minute cd, I felt like I was beaten up and thrown into a dumpster to be sexually violated by angry junkies. The cd starts off with the chorus sing along “Dumpster Junkies” that nicely puts you into the right frame of mind for the rest of the disc. The aggressively catchy “I Don’t Care” and “Hit the Streets” continues the panty raid on the house of good will. Josh’s vocals are angrily squashed into your face and remind me of the dude from The Dread. Whoa, “Brain Damage” brings me back to the old days when I use to slam as a young pissed off lad.  The music here is harsh, mean, a tad sloppy, energetic, and simply friggin cool! If you like it rough, you’ll like the Dumpster Junkies. This will get the pit moving. – Denis Sheehan


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