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DUCK & COVER ( All right! Please know I am rather pissed off at the moment. I am currently on vacation in the venerable Asbury Park, NJ but things are not going my way. First, my favorite AP bar, which was dead last summer, has suddenly become popular with the hipsters. Really dude, like you didn’t know that credit card would fail even after you stated it would while holding another credit card in your hand. Why didn’t you just give up the second card when offering to pay the tab? Oh, nice cap, flannel (July), and large amount of dangling keys. You must be close to punching out your “Hipsters-r-Us” rewards card. Aaaaaaand the chick I really, really dig who I thought was within my clutches tonight came to me…and asked if I could pick up her boyfriend at the…ah nevermind. God! On the other hand, I did listen to Boston’s Duck & Cover for the first time and decided to put all else behind me and suspend my vaca to review this mighty collection of eight tunes (20 minutes). Typically within my music reviews, I insert (eh eh…insert) my witty quip validating my like or dislike of reviewed music at the end of the review. Not this time around, fyckers. You get it here…this punk rock shit-as in “the shit”- doesn’t let up for one second. This is the stuff you loudly (crank) play while showering before heading out for the night to do whatever it is you do at night for a damn good time. And then you play it again in the car or while riding the bus or train. The music easily slips into the punk slot and/or the rock-n-roll slot. It’s quick and will kick the crotch if taken lightly. Hectic and chaotic come to mind as I sit here listening to it at 2am. The music goes its way while Chris Brat’s vocals take the path less traveled, but the marriage of the two is seamless. This is what grabs you like the jock giving you a wedgie in elementary school. “Alienate,” and all its forcefulness, is that first shocking yank at your skivs as it splits your cheeks. This sensation, you loved it and you know it, continues ‘til “Gather Your Strength” kicks in and you realize this may not be as easy as you think. I, as a nonmusician (I’m trying), feel this is the most difficult song of the release to play for the D-n-C fellas. Seems complicated, to me, and “slower” than the rest, but damn good. Though tuffen’ed up, 1967s “A Kind of Love In” still rings it pop song self; a great cover! Ah, then “Knock Em Down” brings it all back to that locker room wedgie. The Boston scene history of the guys who make up this band is impressive and explains the insane talent heard here. Duck & Cover may be the name, but you must stand upright and keep your head in the middle of this music…or damned you will be. Damned you will be. – Denis Sheehan

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