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THE DRUNKEN CHOLOS- Livin La Vida Loco (Hopeless) The original Queers lineup, Wimpy, Tulu, and Joe Queer, are back again to force feed you this cd made up of seven “gross” punk tunes. What is “gross” punk? It’s music that just makes you feel gross. Fast, sloppy, rough, and just too much fun to not be anything but gross is what you’ll hear on this baby. If you’re looking for that Ramones like sound The Queers presently play, look elsewhere I write. Wimpy heads the vocals and sounds like he just might have beer induced halitosis. Sorry, it just sounds that way. “Caught Smoking Pot” sets you up with the fast guitars and nonstop vocals. You’ll love “Wimpy Goes to College” just because it is so singable and catchy. “I Want Chinese Food” made me damn hungry and I dug the cowbell. This is a damn fine cd that will give you body odor and  the feeling of being spat upon. Disc time clocks in at approx 10 minutes. Egad you have to love it. Top shelfer indeed. – Denis Sheehan


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