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- Singles Collection Vol. 2: 1998-2004 (Epitaph) As the CD’s title indicates, this release is a collection of 23 b-sides, covers, etc from Boston ’s Dropkick Murphys.  Being a fan of this band, I was a tad surprised at my distaste for three or four of the songs, but that will happen with large collections like this. However, I wish not to inflict my negativity upon your smelly self, but instead choose to pass along my positive feelings, fucker. One of my all time favorite songs is Gang Green’s “Alcohol,” and DKM does it wonderful justice, which provokes a rather giant grin from my liver every damn time I listen to it. Another favorite, “Wild Rover,” is good, but I can’t help being annoyed with the guest vocals of legendary Shane MacGowan. His drunken antics only help slow down an otherwise great cover. How can anyone not like CCR’s “Fortunate Son?” The DKM written “On the Attack,” clocking in at 1:26, reminds me of Minor Threat’s venerable stuff. Ah, there’s too much good stuff here to carry on about. If you’re a fan of DKM, you’ll certainly get a kick out of this CD. If you’re a non DKM fan, you may want to first pick up one of their other releases that isn’t a collection. You know, I am unable to find the hidden features on DKM’s DVD. Might someone out there assist? Liner notes include the history and release info of each of the 23 tunes; very cool. – Denis Sheehan



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