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- Blackout (Epitaph/Hellcat) The eject function on my car’s cd player broke with Blackout stuck inside, and you will not find a man with a bigger smile. Ok, my cd player is fine, but the eject button may as well be busted because this cd hasn’t seen the light of day since I stuck it in there. Hailing from Boston, DKM continues to make the city’s music scene proud with this cd, their fourth full-length release. Taking a poke at a wayward family man, “Walk Away” angrily opens the disc with dueling vocals courtesy of Al Barr and Ken Casey. Although I am not a proponent of music videos, fans of Darkbuster can check out Lenny as the groom in the “Walk Away” video ( As typical with this “working class” band, DKM once again plays tribute to the workingman in the bagpipe laden, union marching anthem “Worker’s Song.” Remaining true to their Irish folk roots, “Black Velvet Band,” “Bastards on Parade,” and the hilarious “Kiss Me I’m Shitfaced” offer a little change of pace from the rest of the punk/rock sound of the disc. If you’re looking for a little “get up and go” to help you get up and go, check out “Gonna be a Blackout Tonight.” Holy adrenalin rush, DKMan! As if the cd wasn’t enough, a free DVD, contains three videos and a commercial for an upcoming DVD release, accompanies the cd. It is obvious how much I like this band and this cd, but here’s a little story for you to prove the attractiveness of this cd; I was stuck in traffic on rt 128 on Thursday July 17 and was listening to Blackout. Because I dig it so much, when “Gonna be a Blackout Tonight” came on, I turned the volume up to a deafening level. About halfway into the song, a woman driving the car next to me beeped and waved to get my attention. I turned the volume down and she asked, “That’s a cool song, who is it?”
I replied, “It’s the Dropkick Murphys.” 
“Don’t know them. What’s the name of the song?”
“Blackout.” I answered, not knowing the correct song title is “Gonna be a Blackout Tonight.”
“Thanks! And hey, you’re the sexiest man alive and I want to buy you pizza and beer!”
At that point, the traffic moved and we parted ways. Ok, I lied about the sexiest man alive part. I just put that in there for the hell of it, but the rest of the story is true. Anyway, this is a great cd. Go now and buy Blackout. I dig it, chicks dig it, and you’ll dig it. Hmm, I lied and came clean twice in this review. – Denis Sheehan



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