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- Live on St. Patrick’s Day (Epitaph) Recorded live in Boston over St. Patrick’s Day weekend 2002, the Dropkick Murphys deliver their signature brand of working class punk rock and bagpipes soaked with a little, make that a lot, Irish ale. The best way to describe the Irish influenced punk sound is to call it a rougher (meant in a good way) version of The Pogues. The disc is loaded with twenty-six slamming songs, mostly originals with some great covers. Hey, you even get a marriage proposal! The songs toggle between the punk rock side of things and the Irish influenced punk rock side of things. Hence, you are not overwhelmed by either flavor. All of your punk rock taste buds will be happily slammin’ to this cd. Bagpipes and “For Boston” kick things off, which lead into “Boys on the Docks” and “Road of the Righteous.”  DKM’s Irish side of punk can be heard in “Rocky Road to Dublin,” “The Gang’s All Here,” “Forever,” “Spicey McHaggis” (of course), and the Irish pub sing-a-long favorite “Wild Rover.” Great covers include; CCR’s “Fortunate Son,” the old Boston Bruins theme “Nutty,” “Dirty Water," and my all time favorite Gang Green song, “Alcohol." Along with the plethora of great songs, the recording quality is way above par and sounds extremely “rowdy.” The atmosphere of the shows is definitely caught for your listening pleasure. As much as I love this cd, I do have two beefs; there’s a little too much crowd participation going on, I hate that even in person! Also, my favorite DKM song, “Dirty Glass,” isn’t present here. Dangnabbit Maw! Love this disc, I do. – Denis Sheehan


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