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- Bowling with Stalin (Site) Ok, I’ve had way too many Smithwick’s, it’s nearly 2 AM, and I am rubbing elbows with severe drunkenness but shall fingerly ramble on about this cd and how it makes me want to kick ass in the pit; even at my brittle age. Now, Drago is made up of familiar faces to those into the Boston punk rock scene: Mike Gurley plays bass and sometimes sings for favorites Darkbuster, while Eric Edmonson comes and goes as Darkbuster’s guitarist and musical instrument aficionado (though he hasn’t been back for about two years). Together, they respectively sing and play drums (with Eric’s wife, Kristen, on lead guitar). Think as you may about the Drago comparisons to Darkbuster; there are none. Hell, Gurley sings all the songs, all which sound nothing like the Gurley led vocals with Darkbuster; fucking weird.  In other words, Drago is a band within itself and they attack their music unlike most, if not all, punk bands of today. Drago is all about punk, but they hit it so much harder than any punk you’ve heard in 15 years. More simply, musically anyway, if your looking for Travis Barker led rhythmic “punk,” then piss off for you’ll surely run home to mommy looking for hugs, kisses, and Winnie the Pooh Band Aids. However, if you’re looking for that long lost early 1980’s punk sound that once crumbled the Cambridge, MA VFW, then look no more for Drago is here to the rescue. Lyrically, Gurley hails Chief Jay Strongbow to tattoos being ruined by one’s fatness and everything far and wide. Fuck pop punk, power punk, and even my beloved drunk punk; Drago slams it harder than Jenna Jameson, and all her plastic, on a spoonful of ruffies. So what’s it going to be, pussy? I am hammered and I am not going to proof this review. – denis sheehan

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