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DOWNTOWN BROWN (Site) With equal parts 80s metal and 90s funk/punk, plus a healthy helping of satirical humor, Downtown Brown strive to bring a party atmosphere into your living room through the magic of digital technology. Unfortunately, all the other people at this party are Budweiser drinking ex-jocks and their idiot buddies who’d rather beat the crap out of you than have an actual conversation. From Detroit , Downtown Brown are more Kid Rock than Iggy Pop. They kind of remind me of The Fools, in the sense that they seem to be extremely proficient musicians trying to be funny but end up being boring instead. And then when they try to get serious, you can’t help but think that now they’re funnier than when they were kidding around. I have to admit that this review probably isn’t making much sense, but that’s probably because I’ve been listening to this disc all day long, trying desperately to find something positive to say about it, and now my brain feels like what my daughter’s Cream of Wheat looks like. If Denis asks me to put together a "Worst of 2004" list, Downtown Brown goes to the top of the pile. – Brian Mosher



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