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THE DONNAS- Turn 21(Lookout) (Band Site) Before I continue writing this review, I am willingly declaring that The Donnas is one of my all time favorite girl bands. There will be no Clintonian rolling discloser read here zine reader. Donna C, come to me. Although my love for this band would have definitely influenced this review, the first song kind of hurt my feelings so I now consider myself in a neutral mood. Donna C, come to me. “Are You Gonna Move It For Me” starts things off with a rocking poke at older men and rock critics. Alas, I am considerably older than The Donnas, and although I do not consider myself a rock critic, some may lump me into that category. Donna C, come to me. The Donnas have wounded me. But you know what? This cd is so damn cool; my wounds are now healthy, healed, and ready for more abuse. The Donnas sound has a rock solid Ramones-like punk footing while flaring off with 70’s hard rock guitar riffs. Donna C, come The girls turn the tables concerning female rock-n-roll groupies with “40 Boys in 40 Nights” while revealing “there’s no cute boys in Decatur.” I just love listening to a female point of view when it comes to the generally male dominated punk scene. Donna C, come to me. There’s even a cool riot grrrl cover of Judas Priest’s “Living After Midnight.” And yes, you have to love the catchiness and the “don’t mess with my man” attitude in “Hot Pants.” It would be cool if Donna C got into a fight over me. Donna C, come to me. Great stuff here! The Donnas are playing The Middle East (Cambridge, MA) on March 13 and I’ll be there right up front to throw my finest boxers to Donna C. I will then scream and pass out like all those 1960’s female teenage Beatles fans. Donna C, come to me. – Denis Sheehan


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