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- Dirty Water (Street Anthem Records) I don’t really like this EP, but credit should be given where credit’s due. The street punk-rock played by Dirty Water is mature and far more experienced-sounding than a lot of contemporary street punk, and just because it does not appeal me does not mean that it’s necessarily bad. This self-titled EP, which contains seven fairly short songs, is to the point and doesn’t try anything fancy, but instead maintains a basic guitar and vocals blend that works. The sound is not overwhelmingly original or innovative, nor does it really stand out all that much from most other bands making similar music. What the EP does present is basic street rock that is both listenable and solid. Standout songs include “Doing Time” and “Dead Dreams.” This music is pretty underground and it is doubtful that this band will ever be mainstream, but as far as mature-sounding rock goes, they’ve got what counts. I may find it boring, but it’s still worth a listen. –Emily Zemler


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