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- Hey Man, Good Set (Site) This CD is loaded with what I call “timeless punk rock.“ By that I mean, when completed, I'll take this CD with me in my time travel machine and visit 20 years in the future and 20 years in the past. In both cases, this CD will help boost my cool factor as all will surely enjoy its timeless happening sound and old school punk feel. Hmmm, my standing in someone’s coolbook may be jolted by my lack of knowing the lyrics because I simply can't understand the lead singer, Bad Luck Brett.  Although, I do understand the lyrics in “Soap Not Dope“ which tickled me like The Dread’s lyrical content in their “Hippies Suck.“ To make a liar of myself, I also liked the words in “Shannon’s Got an STD“ and “Small Town Cop, “ although I mistook cop for cock for first few listens.  Hey, maybe I am not as lyrically challenged as I originally suspected. Anyway, the constantly changing tempo will urge those listening to churn like they’re suffering an epileptic seizure, but with determined grins a’grinnin’. Fifteen originals and one cover, a magnificent version of Black Flag’s “Jealous Again,“ thump from the CD like a Sunday morning hangover headache. This is a good one, and if I ever run into these Boston area lads, I’ll say “Hey man, good cd. “ – Denis Sheehan



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