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- Cool To Be You (Fat Wreck) At this moment, I am one perplexed individual. I love The Descendents. I grew up listening to The Descendents. “Milo Goes to College” is one of my all time favorite CDs. However, this CD has thrown me into a world of musical confusion. “Cool to be You” is a good CD if you’re able to disassociate it from past Descendents' releases. On the other hand, if you’re looking for that razor’s edge pop-punk laced with anger and humor that you’ve become accustomed to when listening to The Descendents, look else where my friend. The music heard here is good, fast pop punk, but it’s also a bit soft. “ ’Merican” is a very cool song that best recalls The Descendents of yesteryear. Again, the songs are good, but perhaps I’m just an aging bastard who longs for the way some things use to be, i.e. The Descendents. – Denis Sheehan



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